Musik For The Kitchen

music-in-the-kitchenMusik For The Kitchen is a band that is not easily put into just one category - the gentlemen are unconventional with rough edges, have black humour and come with a touch of anarchy. 
They interpret well-known, long forgotten and current songs with irony and wit. Additionally, they spice up this mixture with their own songs, mostly with German lyrics, which sometimes wag the tail and sometimes bite. 
Musik For The Kitchen rarely stay within the boundaries of a certain genre. Thus, a rock song may end as a swing or a pop song may convert into a reggae version. Every song gets its very own character with acoustic guitar, double bass, accordion and drums, and is brought to stage in an explosive medley. 
The band knows how to draw the audience in, and understands to create moments that change the perspective and to open unexpected doors. 
Musik For The Kitchen played a lot of concerts in various places: festivals, concerts, pups, bathrooms, dance improvisations, openings, weddings, birthdays and of course in the streets of Europe. Their videos on youTube so far have over 1.5 million visits.