dericiler 15 @ COOM-Festival

Violalex @ COOM-Festival

Kapali Devre & Tomatète @ COOM-Festival

Tomatète @ COOM-Festival

Pre-COOM Gala and beach session at Chill House Lounge

Pre-COOM Gala Event rehearsal

Musik For The Kitchen @ Coom-Festival

Coom-Festival at Chimaira, Cirali

Beach Session with Kapali Devre, Tomatète and Sareban

Kapali Devre @ Coom-Festival

Arman Rashidi @ Coom-Festival

Sareban and Tomatète

Sareban @ COOM-Festival

Ramazan Agikgoz

Opening gala at Pre-COOM-Festival

The calm before the storm

We are ready - "music village" is built-up!

Building of "music village"  - one of many places. More to come...